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Unfamiliar with numerology? Not sure it can be useful? question the accuracy?
If these are the questions in your mind, get the first 2 lessons.

From the first lesson create your own chart to see how well it fits you!
The Second Lesson shows how to set the cycles that your business will
follow for its entire life!

Get a full refund within 30 days if it is not right for you.

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These Times Demand an Innovative Approach to Business

Numerology is like oil to your business...
It makes it run more smoothly.


From: Daniel R. Hardt
Your business numerologist

Have the benefits of numerology at your fingertips
when you need them

Dear fellow business leader,

Business in the best of times is fraught with challenges. In today's climate you do not have the leeway for error. You need assurance that your business decisions are leading to your success.

Reasons why your business will benefit:


Reason #1 Your business follows cycles of ebb and flow. Know when to push and when to lay back.

2. Reason #2 Training employees who don't work out is expensive and disruptive to your business. Avoid hiring mistakes.
3. Reason #3 Quickly know whom you can trust and of whom to be wary. You are less likely to conned if you have advance warning.
4. Reason #4 Build immediate trust and rapport with your customers. The numbers let you know whether your prospect wants all the facts and figures or prefers a quick appeal.
5. Reason #5 Determine the best timing and content for your advertising. Ad content consistent with the business numbers builds immediate trust. The start date of an advertising campaign can determine its success.

Numerology for Business is a six month course of 26 weekly lessons that shows you how to apply numerology to every aspect of your business for greater success. Each lesson is a concise treatment of a step in using numerology profitably.


Follow the cycles. If you rest when you should act, you will lose momentum. If you are pushing when you should be allowing your projects to gel, you disrupt the results.

2. Avoid employee burnout. Numerology allows you to match a prospective employee to the position within your company and to your company. A mismatch will lead to quick burnout.
3. Human Resource Departments: Know the best prospect for your company and where that person will best fit in.
Sales Managers:  Know what motivates each Rep. Eliminate costly contests that fail to stir the juices of your sales people.
4. Create Effective advertising. If your advertising emphasis does not match the numbers of the business, your ads will create a subtle distrust that can kill sales. A business with service oriented numbers that advertises discount prices will not ring true. A company with business oriented numbers creates doubt by proclaiming how much it cares.
5. Your office environment contributes to a positive image when it is coordinated with the numbers of the business.

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How I have benefited from writing this course.

In 1996, we incorporated Life Path Numerology Center, Inc.  We tried to get the business on a cycle that was at least reasonably compatible with the personal years of the key board members. As the business progressed, it became clear that the corporation cycle needed to be the same as mine for smoothest operation. That change was made in December, 2009, through re-incorporation. The subsequent three months were the best the business had experienced.

Daniel R. Hardt, President
Life Path Numerology Center, Inc.

A brief overview of the course:

bulletKnow yourself and your business from the inside out through setting up your personal and business charts
bulletChoose a founding date that sets the cycles of the business for success and to avoid quick burnout
bulletSelect a name for the business that coordinates with your personal numbers to eliminate energy conflicts that can make day-to-day operation more difficult
bulletShow the purpose of the business as revealed by the numbers
bulletCreate a complete coordinated image for the business
bulletExpand the business at the appropriate time
bulletDevelop a meaningful mission and vision statement
bulletConsider the affect of the business address and telephone number
bulletDeal with vendors and clients with uncanny insight
bulletAnd much more

The format of the course:


Short And Easy To Digest. Each Lesson is a unit to itself in a few pages that can be easily applied to your business.

Includes An Assignment To Complete. As a guide to your progress a related assignment focuses the material of the lesson.

Builds As You Go. Although some of the lessons can be taken separately from the rest, the lessons are arranged in order of the steps you should follow in developing your own business plan.


Forces You To Succeed Long-Term. With recurring monthly payments and weekly lessons you are drawn forward without becoming overwhelmed.

 5 Includes personal consultation as a part of the package.
Helps You Make Real Progress. When all the elements are synchronized the business runs smoothly, like a fine tuned automobile.

Each weekly lesson is designed to be "to the point" and immediately actionable. 

Lesson #1 -

bulletYou'll learn... To create a personal profile chart for yourself and your business. You can also use this knowledge to run a chart on anyone important to you, such as family members, business associates and employees. You will know a lot about another person from a small amount of data.
bulletYou'll learn... To read the chart for keen insights in making decisions about people. When you learn numerology you will never look at people the same again!
bulletYou'll learn... The energies symbolized by each number and their importance to your business.

Begin with the first two lessons.

You will be charged $28.00,  then at $28.00 a month for an additional 5 months, you get a lesson each week (just $6.50 per lesson) plus personal consultation and other helps.

Each lesson covers a step in using numerology to move your business forward.

Since many business people have never been exposed to the accuracy and benefits of numerology in the business environment, take advantage of our trial offer to test it for yourself. In the trial run you will get the the lesson on setting up the charts and a second lesson on choosing the best date to start your business. The 30 day trial gives you 4 lessons to evaluate the benefits for your business. if the program is not for you, your payment will be refunded in full, no questions asked.

You are not bound to the full 6 month term. You can cancel at any time. If you like what you see, you will get the full course for 6 payments of $28.00. And, of course, you are further protected by our 30 day refund policy if the course fails to meet your expectations.

Included in your tuition:
You are invited to contact us for direct answers to your questions.

Because of the interactive involvement in the course, I can only handle 100 members at a time. If the course is full you will need to wait until an opening arises. Don't miss out, get in now!

Instead of setting you up for the full course initially, we will call you within the first 30 days to see that the course is right for you. Because of the limited enrollment, we want to reserve the spots for those who are serious about enhancing their businesses. At the call, we will either set up the additional recurring payments or give you a refund if you cancel and give your spot to the next person in line.


We offer this generous policy because we know that once you see numerology at work in your setting, you will want to continue for the full 26 lessons.

Although the lessons are weekly, you can take the course at you own pace. The download links for all prior lessons are included in each current lesson.


     Yes, Daniel, I am ready to fine tune my business!


(Even if it's 2:00 AM on a Saturday)

You will be taken to the shopping cart For the first monthly payment. After submitting your information, you will be taken to a membership form to activate your enrollment. You will receive an e-mail confirmation link. Upon confirmation you will immediately receive the link for the first lesson in PDF format.

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